About Company

TK Design & Construction Company Ltd is a Construction firm specialising in construction and infrastructure projects in Uganda. The company was conceived in response to the dire need for professional civil and building construction firms in Uganda that could offer quality works and products to the public.

The core founders of the company were mainly former workers of reputable companies qualified and experienced in the field of civil engineering and building who felt the necessity to team up as experienced professionals and offer construction, renovation, maintenance and repair services to the Ugandan public.

Since its formation in 2003, TK Design & Construction Company Ltd has a proven record of successfully completing a wide range of projects serving Clients in both private and public sectors. Where necessary, the company associates with other firms to enhance its capability to successfully deliver projects.


To improve the quality and offer a high standard of workmanship on Construction and Infrastructure projects in Uganda.


To be capable of providing quality, on time, on budget and safety facilities at the best value of the Client’s investment.


TK Design & Construction Company Ltd is registered with the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA), a regulatory body for public procurement and disposal of public assets in Uganda under the National Register of Providers (RoP) which is an online database of providers of works, services and goods to the Government of Uganda and used as a primary tool in identifying suitable providers. The company’s Registration Number is PRV/WRKS/FEB/16.

The company is in process of becoming a member of Uganda National Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors (UNABCEC), a professional body that promotes and protects the shared interests of the construction industry and its member i.e. contractors in Uganda.

TK Design & Construction Company Ltd.’s specific objectives include:-

  • Promoting networking and collaboration with other professionals within the same or similar fields of operation.

  • Emphasising on quality of works and standard of service on the job training of our novice technical staff by the professionals in that field, a daily tabulated report on the progress of the ongoing works.

  • Putting much emphasis to networking and collaboration with other professionals within similar fields of interest in order to share experiences and mobilise the needed resources.

  • Promoting aspects of gender responsiveness in all work and professional initiatives through involvement of both men and women.

The company adopts a flexible, integrated and process oriented approach. TK Design & Construction Company Ltd.’s primary attention is to maintain consistent quality and a high standard in workmanship which is achieved by having set goals, overall planning, implementation and constant monitoring of works.

Aspiration to have total work force commitment and involvement in their project activities is achieved by providing a round table brainstorming meeting once a week for the workers about their particular project. During such meetings everybody is given a chance to air out thoughts, fears and provide recommendations about their particular project.

The company also adopts a flexible approach to its solutions and integrates all parties involved so as to act as one strong force. By so doing, the company eases its networking and collaboration with other professionals or partners.


Our operational area being Building and Civil Engineering, the scope of the services we offer include: Design Construction, Maintenance/ Repairs of works in the above sectors.

TK Design & Construction Company Ltd also has ability in the fields of:-

Electrical, plumbing and other construction installation activities
Mechanical Works

Institutional Buildings

  • Farm facilities
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Industries
  • Housing


  • Water Supply
  • Dams


  • Roads
  • Bridges


  • Transmission Lines
  • Substations

The method of delivery of construction projects entirely depends on the choice made by the project owner or sponsor since each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore the company adopts the construction method which the owners selects and thinks will maximize the goals of their project.